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The following is some of the text of a Bible study I did a while back. it don’t go down so well in some quarters… (indebted to Scot McKnight and the Blue Parakeet for the shape of my thoughts) Miriam and Deborah – God’s servants under the more general theme of women of the Bible […]

taking a stand


My community, as I have blogged else where, seems to be going into some kind of melt down. I have sat on the edge, I am not sure whether I was on the outside edge looking in, or the inside edge looking out, either way things have not been great for me the last few […]

held in tension


am going to start building a list of things in life that need to ‘held in tension’ – feel free to add your comments. Once I have put together a list, I will start to blog a little more about them. What do I mean by held in tension? Brian McLaren used the term ‘dynamic […]

a new blog… not quite a new start, but certainly something new is happening, and because of this, a whole lot of stuff is being held in tension (hence the name of this blog). When I say held in tension, I mean that as a dynamic, flowing, vibrant and emerging tension. This, my journal and […]