welcome to ‘held in tension’


a new blog… not quite a new start, but certainly something new is happening, and because of this, a whole lot of stuff is being held in tension (hence the name of this blog). When I say held in tension, I mean that as a dynamic, flowing, vibrant and emerging tension.

This, my journal and my story of where I am now, is grounded in my commitment to seeing the story of God in mission (missional mission), participating with God in the mission and taking forward a commitment to filling ordinary life with gospel intentionality, pastoring those that journey with me with the gospel while sharing the gospel with those who are unfamiliar with it. I hope to challenge you to be socially aware, risk-taking and flexible because the gospel has priority over our comfort, preferences, security and traditions.

grace and peace


2 Responses to “welcome to ‘held in tension’”

  1. 1 A


    I will be continuing to read and occasionally comment!
    I am happy to remain a ‘monster’ I’m feeling a little bruised from criticism attracted at the moment so feel like my head needs to stay below the parapet.

    Much Love and Peace to you and M, B, L & ?

    Grace be with you


  2. 2 Cliff

    Amen to all that Tobit.

    May your blog encourage you and others to find the real meaning in life – which needs tension to develop maturely.

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