held in tension


am going to start building a list of things in life that need to ‘held in tension’ – feel free to add your comments.

Once I have put together a list, I will start to blog a little more about them.

What do I mean by held in tension?
Brian McLaren used the term ‘dynamic tension’ recently (an Emergent Village pod / McLarenCast) in reference to the two competing stories of creation; the first in Ch 1 and the second in Ch 2 of Genesis. In much the same way we try to explain the Gospel records into one complete story, we also try to do the same with the creation account. But, maybe we should just let them sit there, held in some kind of tension. Perhaps in doing this it can help us move on from proving we are right and someone else is wrong, using terms such as ‘having the truth’ (instead of focusing on Jesus as the Truth) and so on, and accept that there might actually be more than one way.

seriously, there might actually be more than one option, more than one way!

So Bible teachings aside, the biggest theme for me at the moment is faith and culture and I will probably focus on these for the life of this blog, but as I said, please do add other things via the comments and we can explore them together!

Grace and peace


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