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So, we are buying a new car. Well I say new, but we are looking at nearly new and we have agreed which make and model. So what I really want is a top spec a little different from what I actually need. Sure I would like the top trim, leather, cruise control, fancy wheels […]

the Good News


I seem to be on a video posting frenzy at the moment. This one I first watched here The Good News cannot get the video to embed, so you will need to click the link…

Letter from God


watched this today (HT Peter Rollins) it speaks for itself

Some thought provoking and wise words from Tom Wright NT Wright on Blogging/Social Media from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo

using the book


On Sunday morning I was listening to the sermon (which was very good) and one of the things I remember was reference to the blue book. So, in the construction industry everything is ‘done’ by the blue book, be it pay, bonuses, materials, project management and I guess, whatever else you need/or it takes to […]

I am reposting this from my old blog (first posted about a year ago). A while back I read Ultramarathon Man find out more here. It is a great book, very inspirational, but left me feeling that Dean Karnazes is nuts err, maybe a little OCD. Anyway, regulars will no doubt have picked up on […]

John LaGrou posting on Scot Mcknight’s blog has entered the debate… How do faith-based organizations respond to virtuality? The hardest part may be convincing the community that there’s a good reason to sit and stare at a stage, listening to a religious lecture. The virtually-connected church now has on-line access to the finest teaching and preaching […]

On being silent


this talk (iTunes Store link) continues to challenge and inspire me. And here are a couple of reflection on it. On the way into work I have listened to another 15-minutes (of the above podcast) on the church being relevant. The church, through the ages has worked hard to be relevant, so much so, that […]

I was listening to a podcast on the way to work this morning (look up the Greenbelt podcasts on iTunes and select faith in a failing church) Thanks to Alastair for pointing me in the direction of it. I have listened to about the first 15 minutes and am quite impressed by what the speaker […]

Following on from this post I thought I would share some thoughts and reflections after a day I spent with the BBC a couple of weeks back. It was a pervasive media day, a day of innovation and invention, working with the Learning and Development team. It was good fun, was facilitated by the Pervasive […]