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Late Sunday, last week, after a busy day I tweeted:

Awesome church today: friends, the beach, wind, waves, kite flying, sand and a (communion+) meal together. blessings

Church was indeed awesome, from the lunch we shared together, the afternoon on the beach, the kite flying (all 3mt of the power kite that dragged us along the beach), the conversation, the children playing together, the BBQ and communion that was an integral part of that meal felt so right. There was a fluidity to it, form with no form, it was right for the context, the time and for those of us who were there.

I am not sure we could repeat it, or rather, while we could repeat the components that made it, I am sure it would be a completely different experience. It made me think about the ‘regular’ Sunday communion services I go to (although not so regularly at the moment). It is like a perfect set of components was agreed 150 years ago and that now becomes the center of the activity, the purpose, the pinnacle of the week: going to church is the goal in and of itself.

But it shouldn’t be like that. Sunday showed there is another way, that it can be something else: people, friends, meals, laughter, tears, aching arms, exhaustion, sadness at the departing and Jesus being present in every moment.

Grace and peace


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