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Sat-Nav God


I heard something the other day (it might have been Ed Dobsen speaking at Mars Hill, but I really can’t remember) that made me think – God was described in terms of sat-nav. (In my mind) I remember it going something like this: Imagine you set out on a journey, you programme the sat-nav and […]

Checking out the Tubestation website I found this picture So that is what the stage looked like, not that I could see it! Today, with some friends, we worshiped as a whole family. We managed to find a small space to sit while we listened to the teaching. Jerry had us in stitches (the snake/stick/snake/stick/snake/stick […]

This week I am working away on my MSc dissertation, Suicide and the Media.  The reading, literature searching, reviewing is hard work, but a lot of fun. I sometimes wonder if my mind can expand to cope with and assimilate all the things I am learning! Today, in one paper I read this: Members of […]

The Emergent Village Podcasts have by and large been essential listening for me over the last years. The ones that stand out are from the 2007 Theological Philosophical Conversation with Jack Caputo and Richard Kearney. I have listened to the opening sessions a number of times and each time I am refreshed by the conversation. […]

What is Church?


a while back I blogged about reading Tom Wrights book Simply Christian. I still am working through it and think that when I finish, I might just have to start again. One passage that is particularly relevant to me at the moment is what Tom says in response to the question, what is church? “It’s […]

I have not blogged so much over the last couple of weeks. So much has happened… For a start I am working on having more conversation in real time. One of those (and the emails that followed after) brought this verse to my full attention: God says “I know what I’m doing. I have it […]