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The Emergent Village Podcasts have by and large been essential listening for me over the last years. The ones that stand out are from the 2007 Theological Philosophical Conversation with Jack Caputo and Richard Kearney.

I have listened to the opening sessions a number of times and each time I am refreshed by the conversation.

Walking to work this morning I listened (iTunes link) to Richard Kearney say:

One of the reasons it is good to question and deconstruct the idea that you can prove God in terms of rational concepts is, because if you believe that and you conclude, Q.E.D. that God exists and this is how God exists and there are other people out there in the world who don’t believe in that particular definition of God, you are pretty well compelled to say that they are irrational, and that if being human is being a rational animal then they are not fully human. And the best you can do is go out and convert them to your metaphysical religion. And it seems to me that is not a good way for ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue or even respecting the humanism of certain atheists. I think in terms of acknowledging a world in terms of differences, while still holding to the idea of there being one God it is important not to say ‘I have proved God, this is the way to do it rationally (therefore scientifically) Q.E.D. there it is. And everyone else is just stupid if they don’t happen to belong to my church. We have seen what this does through history…

Thinking you have got it all right should only be a reference-point in the conversation as you work to explore and understand the meaning of God with others.


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