and there was only just room to stand


Checking out the Tubestation website I found this picture


So that is what the stage looked like, not that I could see it!

Today, with some friends, we worshiped as a whole family. We managed to find a small space to sit while we listened to the teaching. Jerry had us in stitches (the snake/stick/snake/stick/snake/stick moment was relived through the afternoon!) as he shared a few thought on Moses and how not to make excuses. Moses told God he was not the man to do His work on five occasions (Exodus 3:11, 3:13, 4:1, 4:10 & 4:13) but God’s answers are clear, you go (you have no excuses) and I will work through you, it is not your job to do my job, so just go.

It was so good to be there as a family, along with many other families and have the hubbub of children of all ages welcomed as part of being church.

The point I make about it being crowded is not one of being boastful, rather one that made the images I have of when Jesus walked and taught really come to life. The stream of people walking up the steps to the building, there being barely room to stand, the excitement, the anticipation. The Tubestation is doing an amazing job of being an expression of church that has grown from the environment it is a part of without losing a focus on Jesus.

So, if you are ever in Polzeath do check in, even if it just for a cup of coffee.

Grace and peace


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