collaborator in the Kingdom of God


I have read a couple of books just recently, well, read one new one and re-read another. The one I have just read was ‘So you don’t want to go to church anymore’ and you can actually download the book in pdf form here

This book has been a catalyst for my wife and me to really dig deep into what it means to have left church (as a building where we go once a week) to start living as part of God’s church. The other book I am re-reading is the Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay. It is very exciting to read it now that I am in a place where I might be able to live some of it into a reality. One bit I read the other night is beautiful…

“God’s gospel was and is his way of explaining the whole story. The gospel tells us why we fight with each other, why we have war, pain suffering and death. The gospel of Jesus shows the heart of God for humanity and the depths of his love and acceptance and vision for every human being. It gives us hope int he face if injustice, hunger and poverty, and for recovery of every societal ill. It advocates for community, acceptance, fairness, forgiveness and love of all people regardless of past mistakes, sexual orientation or political bias. The gospel of God’s Kingdom helps explain where meaning comes from and how we are to live in an integrated experience in light of God’s love for humanity.”

Luke 4:18-19 – The kingdom meant some hope for new life now. The kingdom is the tangible life of God flowing into every nook and cranny of our everyday life. Blessing does not mean financial wealth, escape form illness, disease and death, for these are things of the kingdom to come. But it does mean that this ‘other-world’ does make a tangible difference and can be felt in this life. The gospel is bringing a tangible bit of the life to come to this life”

reading and re-reading this passage (and all the bits I missed out as I selectively quote) is so very exciting and is helping me to find the courage to start dreaming of what starting to be part of small missional community might look like for me. At the moment it is saying to me, focus on living the future kingdom now and let that permeate everything you do. Focus on people (the community) as the vision of God rather than the form or function of a small group.

Focus on begin a ‘safe person’ rather than trying to create a ‘safe space’. By a ‘safe person’ I mean someone so secure in God’s love and living the kingdom life now that they do not need to exert their own power, authority, control over their life (and others’) leaving them free to work as a collaborator with God in his Kingdom.

grace and peace


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