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I am sat upstairs in South station watching the driving snow. It is awesome. Will attempt to take a few pictures Posted via email from tobit emmens Advertisements

So, about 20 years ago I opened my GCSE results and read my grades. I was so, so pleased to see my highest grade was ‘B’ in Woodwork. Over the last few years this has become a running joke, especially when at academic events where people ask what my PhD is in and where did […]

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Have truck!


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Love the detail


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Some of you may have noticed that I have started to populate my Facebook account again. I am seeing it as an opportunity to make stronger connections with those who have been really supportive over the last few months. Although, twitter (or here for a reduced stream) will continue to be my primary means of communication via short messages […]

Today I bore witness to the passing of a great man. Kieran Sweeney was a fantastic guy. I had the privilege of working with and studying under him during my MSc.  As a mentor and great inspiration I couldn’t not have asked for more. What stuck me most about Kieran was his humility with the power and knowledge […]