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Water is basic


We need it to live. To get water, most of us go to the kitchen, the bathroom sink, the water cooler, the bottled water sold at a supermarket or garage. But over a billion people around the world lack access to clean water and suffer terribly because of it. Across Africa, most have to grab […]

On Radio 4’s Today programme, the CEO from CEOP was explaining why Facebook should have a ‘Panic button’. you can listen here (if you are in the UK). It is worth setting this in context of some of the literature available, particularly when this literature appears to be ignored by CEOP. An attempt to briefly […]



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So, no posts for ages. I apologise for that. It is not that nothing is going on, rather, too much. I have a handful of posts lined up (in my head, at least) and I plan on writing those over the coming weeks. So stay tuned! grace and peace