learning to pray

I was telling Mary about my 4mation group the other day.
I was reflecting with her, how different it was compared to anything I have ever done in my adult Christian life. So, the link tells you about 4mation groups, and I have been invited to join one, so we are actually a 5mation (5 blokes!) and we don’t do the gym cards bit, but we are cool with breaking the rules!
We are trying to meet once ever 1 -2 weeks and today we met, just 4 of us, out at the house of one of our group and we walked down the hill to the river near his house. It was good to walk through the fields in the sun, following the path of the river, along to a little beach bit, chatting along the way.
We went prepared.
Off came the flip flops and t-shirts and then we just jumped in the river, swam about for a bit. It was pretty cold, so I bailed out after a few minutes, sitting on the pebbles drying off in the sun. After we had all dried off we spent some time talking about our week just gone and the week to come. We then prayed for each other, about these things, standing in the sun on the bank of the river.
I say prayed, it was more like a conversation together with God. It was really beautiful. And while some of the conversation touched on theology that I find hard to get my head around, it didn’t really matter, it didn’t get in the way of us listening, really listening, listening to each other, listening to God and then praying for each other.
This whole thing was something that would never have happened before we made the jump – but that it can now is the start of a joyful, liberating relationship with God.
And, it is awesome.
One thing we prayed about was being bold, and brave, and stepping out into God’s plan, without knowing what God’s plan might be. As I thought this through a little later, it reminded me that sometimes we get so fixed on the destination we (want to) miss all the steps needed to get there and jump right ahead.
So, thanks guys for your company, prayers and friendship.

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  1. 1 Damo

    Mr E, you are such a legend and a REAL asset to our Fi-mation!

    We really need to make more time to just hang out.

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