What if… raising “holy hell” in 2011


A while back, when I was on my home from ETech, actually, more precisely, I was on the train back to San Francisco airport I sat with a couple of people who had also been at ETech. One of them, John Sundman (or @jsundmanus) was an interesting chap, and an author. He gave me one of his books, Cheap Complex Devices (check out this site so I don’t bore you with the background!). This is not normally a genre I would read, but I gave it a shot. Now, it has been a while since I read it, so it is time to start again I think, but it is actually very good!

There is this one section, in Bees, the first part, that I want to share with you, where the main character meets a lady in the grounds of an asylum. She says to him “is it 1983?” “yes” is the reply. she then responds “I was wondering how would you like for Jesus Christ to come back in 1984?” after some dialogue we get to this passage:

What if ?

An interesting question: for if indeed Jesus Christ did come back to earth in 1984, where is he now? If he came back the same way he came first time, that is to say, born of a women, that would make him about fifteen years old now [the book is set in 1996], Skateboarder age, or about as old as Jesus was when he began to astonish his elders in the temple (Luke 4:5-9).

If Jesus is back among us, then perhaps we should expect to see, any day now, some skateboarder raising holy hell with all the church-going hypocrites who have hijacked his good name.

but who knows?

I just love this image, so thanks John. It also reminds me of Jack Caputo’s book What would Jesus deconstruct, what would we do if Jesus was indeed among us? Well if his fullness is really dwelling in us, then we could argue that Jesus is indeed among us.

So what kind of “holy hell” are you going to raise this new year?



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