on being a groupie #LoveWins


Confession: I have not yet read Love Wins. I will wait until the paperback comes out (my guess is it won’t be too long!).

It was good to get up to Cheltenham to see and Rob Bell talk about Love Wins. I am not sure what I was really expecting; I mean, I have read most of his books, listened to Mars Hill podcasts for about the last 4-5 years, watched a few of his DVDs and I have dipped into observing the neo-Calvinist  / Evangelical backlash against him.

Trekking up to the (almost) Midlands was worth it. Listening to someone for years via podcasts is a very personal experience and I wondered how this would translate to being one among hundreds. It was a lot better than I imagined. I expect this is mostly due to his communication style, his energy and most of all what he had to say, yes Rob, I was tracking. I was hugely impressed by his humility, kindness, grace and his wit, a good mix in any public figure, especially one who is going about God’s business.

While it was well worth the trip, it was made more worthwhile for the 4 or so hours in the car and the conversations that were had.

good times


4 Responses to “on being a groupie #LoveWins”

  1. Hah! I prefer the term ‘fan boy’, although groupie works for me too!

    I was thinking exactly the same about the ‘personal’ experience of having Rob in yours ears as opposed to live – but there is something about his style that draws you in personally. Without sounding weird, that is.

    Anyhow – I loved what we were talking about in the van – great for me to chat with Ben for the first time too. Would love to explore more that idea about doing church in the way Tuesday night was done. Someone speaking for a short while followed by a facilitated question time. Maybe next time I get asked to speak at ENC…if that happens!


  2. Wow. Love it. I’ve heard of Solomon’s Porch, but haven’t read much of their stuff.

    Movement sounds like the way to go…

  3. 4 Andy

    Nice thoughts guys. See you in the pub tonight?

    Maybe there’s still hope for Sunday’s yet.

    Let’s stalk Peter Rollins next.

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