Light and Dark


IMG_4862If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know I listen regularly to the Mars Hill Bible Church Podcasts, and have done so for a while. They have just started a series on 1 John.

So far it has been good, interesting and is certainly making me think. This morning as I walked to work, Shane Hipps was teaching about Light and Dark from 1 John 1:5 and the point where I arrived at work and stopped listening, he stated that

Dark is not the opposite of light

He then unpacked this a little, and it set my brain racing… Shane’s argument is darkness is the absence of light, not the opposite. To say it is the opposite puts it on an equal footing, but light and darkness cannot co-exist.

If things are dark, we need to add more light, not try and remove the darkness

If there is confusion, then that is the absence of clarity

If there is conflict, then that is the absence of peace.

If there is hate, then love is absent.

It seems so simple, yet this is really profound, radical even. If I want to see more peace, simply removing the conflict is never going to succeed, but by being a peacemaker I can have a profound effect.If I encounter anger and focus on trying to remove the anger without love (light) then the anger will always have a place to stand.

God is light, and in my opinion, if there are places of darkness in life, it is because God is not there. If God was there, even in the darkest, most broken places, then those places could conspire to a new future, one filled with hope, one filled with light.

grace and peace


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