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well, not really, but kind of!   I have been thinking, which turning into thinkering*, and, err, I have moved my blog back to my domain. I will keep this one here, but please do bookmark / follow / subscribe to my old new blog thanks! *thinkering is a term we coined at work […]

    The last couple of weeks have been great from a running point of view – around 40M a week. A 17M long run early one morning along the Exe Estuary Path at an average 9:03 pace. Simply stunning and another reminder of just how great a place the South West is. I need […]

Now I am running longer distances, it is time to think / talk about what I take with me. My Garmin Forerunner 410 and HRM go on almost without thinking. I do like my Forerunner, and think the new Forerunner 620 looks absolutely fantastic. I would love to get my hands on one… I dislike running […]

Growing up in the 80s and 90s and riding my mountain bike competitively at a national and (once) international level, the practice of carbo loading was routine. As I wrote here, I have recently been diagnosed with coeliacs disease, and  aside from all the every day dietary changes this has meant, now I am running more, I […]

So I had a good first run in my new shoes. I am away on a training course in Taunton, (and as part of the team building bit, I am staying over. A little extravagant I know, but it will same 3hours of driving over the next couple of days), so the opportunity to run […]

and probably to fill time while waiting for something or other with Bethan, I invented “Michael and Rupert Stories”. Michael, a giraffe and Rupert, a mouse, lived on the edge of the Savannah planes in the middle of Africa. Their home is in the ZiglarZiglar woods. ZiglarZiglar trees have a magic property that enable Michael […]

A pair of Skechers GoBionic 2012 model. These shoes have had loads of rave reviews, and as they are last years model they are exceptionally good value. They feel great, and some laps of the kitchen and I can’t wait to try them out on the road.

I am slowly ramping up the milage in preparation of the Great West Run. Its going ok, and considering I have only ever really run a max of 8-10 miles in one go, 13.1 still seems a lot. At the weekend, I had a great run from Woodbury to Budleigh (6mils) followed by a quick […]