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Fresh* back from Greenbelt and I thought I would blog some thought and ideas about what we got up to. (And who knows, maybe this heralds a return to more regular blogging…). Way back in the past, the Greenbelt Worship team asked if we (the park life collective) would be interested in running a graffiti […]

I picked up a copy of How God became King recently. When I say picked up, I actually mean that.. I went into my local branch of Waterstones and pulled it off the shelf and took it the counter. Well I am two chapters and a preface in and am really enjoying it.  To be […]



A while back now, as we exited a season of Lent, I blogged some reflections of a community lent walk in our local park. In that post, I used the term ‘park theology’ and now, in an exciting, post-reductionist move, we have coined the term ‘parkology’! We will be blogging here, hopefully as a collective, […]

Light and Dark


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know I listen regularly to the Mars Hill Bible Church Podcasts, and have done so for a while. They have just started a series on 1 John. So far it has been good, interesting and is certainly making me think. This morning as I walked to […]

Running Man


A while back I read Ultramarathon Man. It is a great book, very inspirational, but left me feeling that Dean Karnazes is nuts err, maybe a little OCD. His current “project” is a run across America (find out more here). Well I say a run, 40-50 miles for 75 days in a row… Last night […]

I took this photo at the beginning of a Lenten journey I went on with some friends. Every night we were present in our local pleasure ground, talking, thinking and praying. I didn’t make it every night, but those I did were good. It was quite hard explaining to people at work that I had not given […]

Confession: I have not yet read Love Wins. I will wait until the paperback comes out (my guess is it won’t be too long!). It was good to get up to Cheltenham to see and Rob Bell talk about Love Wins. I am not sure what I was really expecting; I mean, I have read […]

Wednesday lunch time las week was good. A sandwich alongside a conversation with Martin. We talked about a lot of things and not just about being part of God’s church. As we parted, heading back to our desks the conversation paused, paused on the statement of this blog post title: God is not a vending […]

The internet has been alive with all sorts of views and opinions on Rob Bell and his forth coming book (for light relief) if you have five minutes spare, do take a look at this case of mistaken identity, I can’t help but smile, especially at this tweet I have a ticket to listen to […]

A while back, when I was on my home from ETech, actually, more precisely, I was on the train back to San Francisco airport I sat with a couple of people who had also been at ETech. One of them, John Sundman (or @jsundmanus) was an interesting chap, and an author. He gave me one of […]