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John LaGrou posting on Scot Mcknight’s blog has entered the debate… How do faith-based organizations respond to virtuality? The hardest part may be convincing the community that there’s a good reason to sit and stare at a stage, listening to a religious lecture. The virtually-connected church now has on-line access to the finest teaching and preaching […]

On being silent


this talk (iTunes Store link) continues to challenge and inspire me. And here are a couple of reflection on it. On the way into work I have listened to another 15-minutes (of the above podcast) on the church being relevant. The church, through the ages has worked hard to be relevant, so much so, that […]

Following on from this post I thought I would share some thoughts and reflections after a day I spent with the BBC a couple of weeks back. It was a pervasive media day, a day of innovation and invention, working with the Learning and Development team. It was good fun, was facilitated by the Pervasive […]

danah boyd’s work is truly inspirational and is hugely influential in my own research. Earlier today she blogged I want my cyborg life. Read it. Please. There’s no doubt that I barely understood what the speaker was talking about. But during the talk, I had looked up six different concepts he had introduced (thank you […]

On the open source theology website (its down in my blogroll if you want the link) are a series of Tom Wright lectures. They are a few years old and much of what he says can be found in his books, but… I do enjoy listening to them and would really recommend downloading them. In […]

There is a great article here (HT my good friend @accuser) The researchers found that people are about twice as likely to select information that supports their own point of view (67 percent) as to consider an opposing idea (33 percent). Certain individuals, those with close-minded personalities, are even more reluctant to expose themselves to […]