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2012 has been a bit of a year. I feel like have been plagued by coughs and colds for most of it, probably not true. Lots has happened, and I am glad it has. Here are just a few of the highlights: Parkology collective and lent (and advent) We are blogging over here, and our […]

TEDxExeter 2012


I had the privilege of being part of the TEDxExeter Team. I was the production manager. What started out as an offer to help out with the speakers slides and a bit of tech stuff soon grew. it grew to include sourcing and making stage signs – thank you Timber Cut for the MDF cutouts Buying a […]

hello 2012


So, dragging myself out of the last two weeks of sickness, I thought it would be fun to think a little about what I might want to achieve in 2012. Not in a new years resolutions kinda way, but more just a things I would like to do way. 1. learn to ride a longboard […]

On Radio 4’s Today programme, the CEO from CEOP was explaining why Facebook should have a ‘Panic button’. you can listen here (if you are in the UK). It is worth setting this in context of some of the literature available, particularly when this literature appears to be ignored by CEOP. An attempt to briefly […]

Some of you may have noticed that I have started to populate my Facebook account again. I am seeing it as an opportunity to make stronger connections with those who have been really supportive over the last few months. Although, twitter (or here for a reduced stream) will continue to be my primary means of communication via short messages […]

This week I am working away on my MSc dissertation, Suicide and the Media.  The reading, literature searching, reviewing is hard work, but a lot of fun. I sometimes wonder if my mind can expand to cope with and assimilate all the things I am learning! Today, in one paper I read this: Members of […]

Following on from this post I thought I would share some thoughts and reflections after a day I spent with the BBC a couple of weeks back. It was a pervasive media day, a day of innovation and invention, working with the Learning and Development team. It was good fun, was facilitated by the Pervasive […]

danah boyd’s work is truly inspirational and is hugely influential in my own research. Earlier today she blogged I want my cyborg life. Read it. Please. There’s no doubt that I barely understood what the speaker was talking about. But during the talk, I had looked up six different concepts he had introduced (thank you […]