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just another quick reminder I have moved my blog over to my own domain you can find it here I look forward to seeing you seeing you over there! Advertisements

and probably to fill time while waiting for something or other with Bethan, I invented “Michael and Rupert Stories”. Michael, a giraffe and Rupert, a mouse, lived on the edge of the Savannah planes in the middle of Africa. Their home is in the ZiglarZiglar woods. ZiglarZiglar trees have a magic property that enable Michael […]

Fresh* back from Greenbelt and I thought I would blog some thought and ideas about what we got up to. (And who knows, maybe this heralds a return to more regular blogging…). Way back in the past, the Greenbelt Worship team asked if we (the park life collective) would be interested in running a graffiti […]

2012 has been a bit of a year. I feel like have been plagued by coughs and colds for most of it, probably not true. Lots has happened, and I am glad it has. Here are just a few of the highlights: Parkology collective and lent (and advent) We are blogging over here, and our […]

Mid year review


Back in January I blogged about a few thing I would like to do in 2012.  Well, now seems like a good time to post an update, so here goes (but not necessarily in the same order as the first post) 1. The photo project. OK, this one is not going too well, I am […]

I grew up riding bikes, doing some crazy things as well. I remember the time age 11 or 12 (and indeed, I still have the scars) when I snapped the handle bars clean off my Raleigh Striker in a ‘who can get the biggest air of a caravan levelling ramp’ competition. At 15 or so, […]

TEDxExeter 2012


I had the privilege of being part of the TEDxExeter Team. I was the production manager. What started out as an offer to help out with the speakers slides and a bit of tech stuff soon grew. it grew to include sourcing and making stage signs – thank you Timber Cut for the MDF cutouts Buying a […]

Siblings Together is one of those charities that could easily go unnoticed. Unnoticed by us, but not by the brothers and sisters they work with. Siblings Together promotes positive contact between brothers and sisters separated by care, kinship care and adoption. The trauma of separation from siblings and its lifelong effects are often overlooked. We […]

hello 2012


So, dragging myself out of the last two weeks of sickness, I thought it would be fun to think a little about what I might want to achieve in 2012. Not in a new years resolutions kinda way, but more just a things I would like to do way. 1. learn to ride a longboard […]

I am at work today. While I kind of get the reason behind a day of action, I do struggle with it in a much wider context. So to those who are standing up for themselves, all credit to you. I am just grateful that neither I nor my children are forced to work for less […]